Monday, February 3, 2014

Makeup Monday: MAC Eye Shadow Collection

Happy Makeup Monday!

So I have a confession, I am a MAC Eye Shadow Addict. And I need your help to figure out which eye shadow I should buy next. I've decided to post my eye shadows (I don't have many so that's why I need your advice) and tell you why I chose these ones and maybe from this post you can lead me toward a new color!

I'm really into neutral colors but I think I need to branch out and find new colors and looks to try out! So here are my MAC Eye Shadows!

Starting with the more "shimmery" colors:
I love this color because it's a soft purple which is really pretty to use in the crease or all over the lid.
I use this color on my brow bone and in my eyes inner corner to brighten my eyes.

 Naked Lunch

I love this eye shadow since it's easy to wear on an everyday basis because of its soft pink/champange color.

This color is the first eye shadow I bought from MAC and it's awesome because when it's blended well onto your eye, it starts to turn into an auburn color making it look like there's two colors on your lid!
I bought this eye shadow because I wanted a "Christmasy" color that was warm but elegant and this was the perfect match!
Now for the Matte colors:
I like to use this color when I'm going for a natural look, so I blend it into my crease because its a little darker than my skin tone but still creates depth.

I use this shadow the most, all over my lid as a base for when I create a natural eye shadow look.


Charcoal Brown

I use this eye shadow everyday to fill in my eyebrows.

I LOVE this color and use it everyday through my crease because it's light enough so it doesn't create a harsh look.
So that is all of my MAC eye shadows, and if you can think of any other MAC colors that I should add to my collection, then please comment below!
I hope you enjoyed this weeks Makeup Monday and let me know of any tutorials that you would like me to create for next week! Also remember to follow this blog, my Polyvore, Tumblr and Instagram!
I also just wanted to thank everyone who has either viewed my blog, followed my blog or commented on my blog. I've only had this page for a month now and the feedback has been overwhelming. I wasn't sure if people would even care about another beauty blog, but its amazing how many people from all over the world has viewed this page and supported it! So THANK YOU!!! xxx

~Nicolina xx


  1. Great products and post! Very nice blog you have!


  2. I love "naked lunch". Really nice collection :)

  3. Hi lovely,
    I totally love these pictures!!Very inspirational
    do you want to follow each other on INSTAGRAM?

  4. Must try some of the gorge matte shades! Just put a review up of Woodwinked myself :)
    Followed you blog and looking forward to seeing more!
    x Gen