Wednesday, January 1, 2014

About Me


My name is Nicolina and I am a fashion merchandising student currently living in the wonderful city of Boston, Massachusetts.

Boston View from Cambridge

I am in love with everything that has to do with fashion and beauty and I love trying new trends in fashion and makeup. I also obsess over anything that is British, Disney, or celebrity gossip, I don't know why I just am :)

I have a beautiful dog, Cody, who is a black and white toy Pomeranian and he is the pride and joy of my life! Unfortunately since I don't have my own apartment in Boston and cannot have a dog he lives with my parents in Rhode Island, where I originally am from. :(


So, I am not quite sure what I will be posting on here (mainly fashion, beauty and my life I suppose) but I hope you join me on this journey that is my life!

Also you can follow me on Instagram with the username nicolexx13, on Tumblr at , and on Polyvore (which I will upload many of my creations onto this blog) with the username nicolinaxx13.

~Nicolina xx

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  1. I soooo love this!!! I'll be watching for more!!! Excited for you!!! Love & hugs always!!!